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Currently there are 3 kinds of locations: Gathering Grounds, Combat Zones and Cities. In each location there are sub-locations where your adventure takes place.

Gathering Grounds

You start off with 4 initial locations in the Gathering Grounds to begin honing your Skills. Additional locations can be unlocked by raising the level of Skills. Beneath each location you'll find the skills that can be used in said area and what you may obtain with them.

Erets Forest

Forestry Spruce, Pine, Oak, Mahogany
Botany Puffshroom, Hibiscus, Odollam Seeds, Mistletoe, Wolfsbane, Dill, Erets Eye Flower

Mikhail Mountain

Mining Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead

Enmuyama Mountain

Mining Cobalt, Titanium, Wulframite, Thorium, Pyrium
Botany Pinnacle Bloom, Yggdras Root


Forestry Maple
Fishing Salmon, Pike, Trout, Crawfish, Catfish, Tench, Princess Taimen, Queen Arapaima

Dorran Mines

Botany Fly Agaric
Mining Salt

Andaelin Lake

Botany Peppercorn, Basil, Curry Leaf, Lemongrass, Parsley, Coriander, Thyme, Oregano, Mint
Fishing Walleye

Sea of Berseer

Fishing Shrimp, Tuna, Royal Bull Shark, Emperor Sturgeon, Angel Sword Fish, Lord White Shark, Roaring Black Marlin

Veran Plains

Botany Hops, Corn, Barley, Wheat, Rye, Yarrow
Forestry Bamboo


Forestry Maple, Ebony, Cedar, Witchwood, Manaple
Botany Nightshade, Death Cap Amanita, Mandrake Root, Milkwort

Glittering Coast

Fishing Perch, Sea Bass, Leopard Shark, Herring, King Gar
Botany Aqua's Tear

Combat Zones

These locations will be put into the ideal order that a player should go through. For more information on the enemies and items you can obtain, visit Bestiary and Monster Drops.

Calin Beach

Soft white sand, calm tides, and a bunch of annoying wildlife.

Fields of Paelin

Gentle rolling hills surrounded by forests. Tame by day but the hunting grounds of wolves by night.

Spider Cave

A cave full of blood thirsty spiders. Enter at your own risk.

Ruins of Morgaroth

The ruins of a once great city. It is now infested with demonic creatures.

The Tower of Ice

A tower of crystaline ice surrounded by frozen tundra as far as the eye can see.

Abyssal Rift

A rift into the realm of the damned. Chaos and corruption leaks from it tainting the surrounding lands. This location requires 1 Demonic Entry Key

Fulgur Deep

A mine deep in the sea of glass. Mostly abandoned as of late, it was once used to mine the precious ore Electrum.

Ariz Desert

Many enter the shifting sands. Few return.


In each city, there are buildings and other locations where you can craft, trade, cook and many more things to come.


A large city on the continent of Vedin that sits at the crossroads between the Kingdom of Leola and the Wildlands Territories. The city was founded by traders seeking to make a profit from one other outside of the taxation of Lowenheim. Since its founding, the city has prided itself on free trade of all legal goods and services, and some illicit ones as well.

Primarily, traders from Leola's Capital Lowenheim and the Far-off trading port of Marosh journey across the continent to Gild to do business. Other traders from nearby cities such as the forest city Emelglad and the Farming City Oros also come by to peddle their wares. The city is run by its mayor Gerard, a grizzled old man formerly of the Black Lions, the royal guardsmen. He loves to play pranks on people and is a well-known pinchpenny.

Old Grok's Arcane Hovel

  • Crafting:
    • Transmute Enemy Drops into useful items (Enchanting)

Vorla's Cook N' Clean

  • Crafting:
    • Assemble Fish and Herbs into Food (Cooking)

Leon's Workshop

  • Crafting:
    • Process Herbs into Cloth, Cloth into Components, and Components into Equipment (Tailoring)


The capital city of Leola. It is a fortress-like city built into a cliffside at the base of the Iron Mountains. It's well-known for it's market district where it's said you can buy and sell anything in the world.

Lowenheim is a three tiered city, with stairwells leading to the higher tiers. Originally, the keep was built on a cliffside to take advantage of it's natural defenses, and the rest of the city was built from there. The lowest tier is the market district. A large sprawling area with a mix of lower-income residential, the marketplace, many inns and taverns, and various civic buildings.

The second tier, which overlooks the marketplace is the temple district. It houses temples, guilds, and the mages college. It is much more heavily guarded than the market district, but still allows access to the general populace. the third tier is the Noble District. It house the Royal Keep, which it was built around.

Originally, the keep was a fortress built on a cliffside for its defensive advantages, during peacetime, a city was built around the keep, and eventually Lowenheim was born. the Noble district houses the barracks of the royal guardsmen, the Black Lions.

Koronis' Foundry

  • Crafting:
    • Smelt Ore into Bars (Blacksmithing)

Koronis' Smithy

  • Crafting:
    • Forge Bars into Arrowheads (Blacksmithing)

Pel's Woodworking Shop

  • Crafting:
    • Plane Logs into Planks (Woodworking)
    • Manufacture Planks and Arrowheads into Arrows (Woodworking)

Old Grok's Alchemy Lab

  • Crafting:
    • Render Herbs into Potions (Alchemy)

Lowenheim Market District

Here you can buy, sell, and just generally trade any item using the Leol Currency.

Emelglad: The First City

The long storied city of the elves built in the treetops of the Evergloam, Emelglad is said to be the oldest city in history. Originally built when the nomadic elves found that they felt at home in the forest, the city has ancient temples, skilled craftsmen, and the finest Elven Ales in the world.

Emelgladian citizens are known to live carefree lives and spend their time enjoying life, and perfecting their crafts. Celebrations in Emelglad are things of legend, with feasts lasting for weeks and revelers needing healing magic afterwards. The eternally young elves live every day to the fullest and their infectious eagerness for life spreads to the other races living in the city.

Cauruin: The City of Scholars

A stone city built into the belly of the Iron Mountains. If Emelglad is festive and joyous, Cauruin is serious and studious. The founding place of the Storytellers, and the place where mathematics and knowledge were first shared from the gods to the peoples of Talibri, Cauruin is the place where magic, technology and philosophy collide among the great thinkers of the world.

Home to the great Vinius family, Cauruin is also known for producing flavorful wines in the rich soil of the mountains and surrounding hills. The Followers of the Path also make Cauruin their home, where they seek a form of enlightenment through self-improvement. The citizenry of Cauruin spend their days in study, researching new cures, new weapons and new ways of improving the lives of those living and undead around the world.

Necropolis: The City of the Fallen

A quiet and somber place where the free-willed undead roam, Necropolis is a place that may seem strange to those not used to its inhabitants. Once a port city named Alta on a southern Vedin Peninsula, the city was decimated during the Divine War when the Dead Scar was opened, killing everyone in the city in an instant. The negative energy however had a bizarre side-effect however, as the citizens rose from their death and become undead. These undead had no will of their own and no remnant of their former minds remained. Many years later later, after the Barrier War ended, the Goddess Xyra-Le took pity on these undead and granted them a true unlife and free will. These undead regained their memory and while some mourned their loss, the rest of them took to calling themselves the Fallen, and embraced their eternal undeath.

The Fallen understood that the living did not understand what it was to die, and took pity on them. When Leolan scouts came to see what had happened to Alta after the Dead Scar's energy dissipated, the Fallen welcomed them among them to live in their undead city where they could know peace. Since then, while some still have prejudice, some choose to live in the newly named city of Necropolis with their Fallen brethren. The people of Necropolis enjoy slow, languid lives of peace, content to rest among those that have died and returned.