Flax Leaf

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Flax Leaf is a material resource classified as an herb. It belongs to a subset of herbs known as fibers, which can be processed into cloth for Equipment. It is the third fiber available.

Obtaining Flax Leaf

Flax Leaf is gathered with Level 30 Botany, in the Erets Forest gathering location.

Processing Flax Leaf

Flax Leaf can be processed into Flax Cloth with Level 40 Tailoring at a Tailoring workshop in any city.

Uses for Flax Leaf

As a fiber, Flax Cloth can be crafted into Components for tools, armor, and weapons. The various effects are explained in the following table:

Fabric Bindings Bowstrings Fishing Line
Adds Physical Resist Adds Physical Resist Adds Physical Damage % chance to reroll a 1

For more specific details on Equipment crafting, please see the Equipment page.