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Hello Talibrians! I've got some very good news and some unfortunately bad news. First the good news: My wife and I are expecting! We are now 12 weeks along and things are going fairly well. Unfortunately the pregnancy symptoms have been a bit annoying. My wife's sleep pattern has gotten remarkably worse; usually waking up for ~2 hours in the middle of the night. This has led to me being exhausted most days and unable to focus or get much work done (especially after 8+ hour work days). Thats the reason for the lack of updates and progress in the game development... Which leads me to the bad news. Talibri is going to go on hiatus for an extended period of time. The game has a pretty poor economic state currently and it needs a good chunk of work to improve that state. With my current inability to predict when I will be able to devote mass amounts of time to development it leaves us in an awkward position. Constrictor does the best he can to work on features but with a large family of his own he is left with a limited amount of development time as well. We were faced with essentially two options: Let the game go on unhindered with no expectations of development OR shut the game down so that we are able to address issues within our own time frame. The second option wound up winning out with multiple pros: - I'm not spending ~500 bucks a month on server costs. - If the game isn't live we don't feel this insane pressure on our shoulders to fix the mounting issues with our lack of time. - With the game down we can focus on fixing a lot of the technical debt we've accrued over the last year or more (and there is a shit ton of it). - We can address a lot of core mechanical issues with the game (lack of sinks, skills with almost no value, items with no purpose, etc). I want to be clear that this isn't us quitting. We love this game and the community it has built. We recognize that the game has many flaws most of which become more exaggerated over time if left un-addressed. We simply don't have the time to fix these problems in a meaningful way (in some cases we aren't even sure what the best way is yet). So what happens after the hiatus? We come back online bigger and better than ever! We are even going to maintain people's progress. We may normalize leol values so that we don't have 2.5t + leol floating around but your relative wealth will remain the same. We likely will do a soft reset on all mastery but this depends on how much we want to change. We can keep everyone informed on this aspect as we flesh things out and change/fix existing systems.

I know people will likely be upset about this and we are too but we want this game to become the best it can possibly be. Letting it slowly die off while we have our lives to contend with is not the way that happens. We will be keeping the discord up and encourage people to stay in it if only for updates on what's happening! When we have something stable and representative of the system to come we will be putting up a new staging/testing server for people to access and give feedback on. I don't have a timeline for that but we'll keep everyone aware.

The servers will go offline on 2/28/2019 sometime after 5:00 PM EST. The Patreon page will be going offline for one month to allow people to cancel their pledges but will then be brought back for anyone wanting to support the development of "Talibri 2.0" (?).

I want to thank everyone who has helped make this game what it is today. We would not be building this if not for the outpouring of support from the community. I promise you that one day we will be back and better than ever.

Cheers, The Talibri Dev Team

Welcome to the Talibri Wiki

A wiki dedicated to Talibri, an incremental PBBG. The game entered Beta on January 14th, 2018. There will be no future wipes! Note that the wiki is player created and edited and is not maintained by the developers.

Talibri is an in-progress incremental game by Hudy and Roarbee. Inspired by the excess of crappy games and lack of good games they began their journey developing their dream game, Talibri.

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