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Manaple is a material resource classified as a wood. It is the eleventh type of wood available.

Obtaining Manaple

Manaple Logs are gathered with Level 245 Forestry, in the Evergloam gathering location.

Processing Manaple

Manaple Logs can be processed into Manaple Planks with Level 165 Woodworking at a woodworking shop in any city.

Uses for Manaple

As a wood, Manaple Logs can be used for cooking, and Manaple Planks can be crafted into Arrows, Components for tools, and can be used in Construction. The various effects are explained in the following table:

Arrows Weapon Components Fishing Rods Pickaxe Handle Wood Axe Handle Hoe Handle
Applies - Lightning Resist debuff to enemies N/A - Cannot be used to make weapon components % Chance to get +1 Mastery on Leopard Shark % Chance to get +1 Mastery on Electrum % Chance to get +1 Mastery on Manaple % Chance to get +1 Mastery on Abaca, Milwort, or Aqua's Tear

For more specific details on Equipment crafting, please see the Equipment page.