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Armica is a continent on the earth-like world of Talibri


A land of wealth and discovery with fierce national pride. The land of Armica once was originally broken into many small city-states. In-fighting between differents neighboring clans eventually lead to all out war, the conflict was called the 200 year war. At the height of the conflict, when the two largest clans reached a stalemate, a truce was called and an agreement was made to end the fighting and cooperate to destroy the other clans and bring an end to the war. The combined strength of the two clans quickly brought the war to an end and a document was drafted to unify the land. Now, each city-state that remains sends delegates to a parliament to vote on the laws of the land. Armica's Capital New Jack City was built in the center of the continent between several city states as a symbol of unity and a place of government. Armica largely avoids dealing with other countries. The land of Armica is made up of various climates and boasts a wealth of various resources. The people of Armica are a mix of people, varying in skin colors of all kinds. The culture here delights in using unnatural colors for hair, skin, eyes, or anything they can think of. The more different and varied the better. Armicans also have a distaste for magic and prefer to use inventions and technology whenever possible.

Ruling Force(s)

United Armican Party

Key places