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Talibri has a lot of great systems, but it needed a way to tie the community together and ways to interact with those that were members of your supply chain outside of the market. The Talibri Guilds release will fill that gap and provide a lot of great tools for players and the "guilds" that existed on spreadsheets for most of 2018. I do appreciate your patience and hope you find the system to be easy to use.

Now on to the details!


Guild District

Cities now each have a unique Guild District that contains a listing of all the guilds located in the city. From these Guild Districts you can Create a new Guild in that city. You can also Accept or Decline Guild Invitations, or Petition a Guild for membership. Rejoining a Guild that you have left may also be possible from a Guild District.

Guild Leaderboard

From the Leaderboards page, you'll now find a new Guild Leaderboard which shows all guilds ordered by their Prestige, a measure of how awesome your guild is (and roughly how big it is).

Guild Chat

Joining a Guild will grant you access to a private Guild Chatroom for just you and your Guildmates.

User Profile - Guild Page

View the Guild membership of a player, or Invite them to your Guild if they are unattached. You can enter your Guild from here.


There are new Construction items for guilds. There are Guild Hall upgrades, Guild Additions, and Guild Blocks, which are used to complete the aforementioned items.


Enter your guild from your Guild District, Profile, or from a new link on the top menu of the game. The Guild home page allows management of Invitations sent and incoming Petitions, shows a Member list with the Member Capacity, and provides a way to Leave your Guild. You can view specifics about your Guildmates in the View Members view including what they're currently working on (if they're doing something), what their significant Masteries are and a snapshot of their profile including what Additions, Player Housing, and Equipment Stats they are currently using. Manage Details allows you to change the Guild Information at a cost of 100,000 leol. Management Membership allows you to Dismiss members, change their Roles, Create/Remove Roles, and Manage Role Permissions. Be careful with who you trust with permissions, as there is no undo, and we will not be refunding materials taken by bad actors. However if reported, bans are possible, so be a good citizen.

Guild Log

The Log shows all Vault transactions, upgrades, or membership changes.

Guild Atrium

Guild Upgrades are handled here. Increase the Member Capacity or Vault Capacity and complete those upgrades with Guild Blocks.

Guild Vault

The Guild Vault contains a Ledger that has Pages. Stacks can be added each Page. Stacks can be as big as you want them to be, but you have a limited number of them. That number is tied to the upgrades to your Guild Hall and Guild Vault. The Guild Vault upgrades are less expensive and provide bigger bonuses to the Vault size than the Guild Hall upgrades, but do not offer Member Capacity. Stacks can be removed when they are empty. Pages can be removed when they are empty as well.

Other Updates

Market Updates

Your Sales History is now part of the Lowenheim Market.


Activate your housing bonuses from your Profile (for Mobile this is particularly necessary).


You can now mark Equipment, Components, and Items as Favorites!

Recipe Activity

See what's going on right now under the Activity Menu under Current.

UI Improvements

- Added Icons
- Reorganized Menus
- Better Mobile Formatting
- Trello Link