Getting Started (Housing)

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This guide is intended to get you through the steps of building your first house and give you the outline for progression. You can find more comprehensive information on other pages, including:

General Information

  • Houses provide space for additions
  • Additions provide bonuses to what you want to focus on
  • You get one free activation per day, and then have to purchase further activations
  • Upgrading your house allows you to have higher level additions, upgrading your additions increases the effect
  • Housing has to be updated sequentially, you need a lvl 1 addition to install a lvl 2 one, etc.
  • You build housing in a construction yard.
  • There are two key resources you need to build your house; nails and planks.
    • Nails: Made by smelting or can be purchased on the market (Sell Orders->Construction Materials).
    • Planks: Made by woodworking or can be purchased on the market (Sell Orders->Refined Materials).
    • You can also purchase pre-built housing on the market (Sell Orders->Addition/Building Contracts)
    • Higher tier houses need higher tier planks and nails (normal is fine for first two tiers)

Visual Guide

Note that you should obtain the addition most relevant to you. You can find a list of additions and their effects on the housing page. Link to visual guide

Longer Term Progression

As you increase your housing you will be able to add higher tier additions onto it. Higher additions also require more space. As you level up your house, you should plan to fill it out accordingly. Remember that additions that give boosts to Mastery require more space and cost more to activate than other additions.

In the visual below you can see:

  • Housing type
  • Space
  • Highest addition level that you can install into it
  • The total space of each addition (non-mastery - mastery).