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October 27th, 2018

  • Guilds is now on the test server!
  • Expected public release is in the month of November.
  • Progress can be seen here: Trello

Guilds 1.0:


- Edit Guild Information
- Permissions on Everything
- You Can Now Dismiss Your Rejoin Invite After Leaving a Guild
- Added Guild Blocks to Atrium and Upgrade Process to allow others to help build the guild.
- Pay for Guild Additions and Upgrades from Inventory OR the Vault
- Added Guild Prestige
- Vault
 - Add/Remove Page
 - Add Stack
 - Deposit/Withdraw Item
 - Delete Stack
 - Shows Stack Usage
- Cleaned up Guild Atrium Pages


- Add Quantity to Construction Process
- Add Guild Block Recipes
- Quantity decreases as you process item and proper number are distributed when you complete the process
- Guild Buildings and Additions now require Cloth!


- Favorites
 - Toggle Favorite from inventory
- Can be Disabled
 - Hide Disabled Items where Items can be found (Elder Shrimo anyone?)


- Favorites 
 - Toggle Favorite from inventory
 - Toggle Favorite from any component list within a recipe
 - Toggle Favorite from sell component list


- Favorites
 - Toggle Favorite from profile
 - Toggle Favorite from sell equipment list

Chat (Changes that are already in production)

- Mod/Pateron Colors
- Shorten Name Bug Fix
- Text Restrictions

Mobile Display

- Guilds is fully Mobile Friendly
- Navbar background no longer transparent on mobile
- Some columns refactored to look better on smaller displays
- Some information hidden in very small screens that isn't super important (rotate horizontal to see it lol)
- Hide Chat since it wasn't readable

Registration (changes already in production)

- Restrict fields to db max sizes
- Clean up weird characters from your username before you register

About Us

- Updated family size.


- Show Guild Tag and Username with less code
- Links to user profiles now include guild tag too
- Guild Information / Leaderboard
 - Guilds are ranked by Prestige in the Guild Information Screen (leaderboard area) and in the Guild Districts (this is earned as guilds grow and participate in guild activities but can be lost as well)

Main Page

- Add Reddit Link to the game splash page
- Make Discord and Reddit Links open in new pages
- Add Trello Link

Skills Bug

- Show N/A if there isn't any Mastery


- Add 'Logs' and 'Ore' manual filters to Material Listings which should show all logs/ore respectively.


- Guild Tab
- Display Prestige on Guild Home and Player Profile Guild Tab