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Vedin is a continent on the earth-like world of Talibri


The land of Vedin is a land of war and magic, split in two by a large stretch of destroyed and blackened land known as the Dead Scar. On the western half is the kingdom of Leola, with it's Capital of Lowenheim. Leola survives on it's magically enhanced crops, lumber, and plentiful resources. On the eastern side of the Dead Scar are the wildlands. The wildlands are a territory of grasslands, plains, and generally flat area ruled by nomadic tribes of barbarians that have no interest in magic or civilization. Marosh is on the southern shore of the wildlands and is controlled by a trade guild. Marosh is largely ignored by the barbarian tribes. Vedin is considered to be on the eastern side of the world.

Ruling Force(s)

Kingdom of Leola/Barbarian Tribes

Key places