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Suman is a continent on the earth-like world of Talibri


The desert lands of Suman were originally called Kavir a hundred years ago but changed when the ruling party of Suman decided to rename it after themselves. Since then, the continent has become peaceful and prosperous, as well as home to the famous Paladins of Hassan. The capital city Rakesh has the largest temple in the world dedicated to Hassan. It's well known for taking in all of the sick, weak, poor, and anyone that needs help. Outside of Rakesh, in the sea of glass, civilization is few and fair between in the harsh desert land. The people of suman tend to have very very dark skin, from the harsh desert sun beating down on them. Suman is in the far west corner of the world, far removed from the other continents

Ruling Force(s)

Kingdom of Suman

Key places